Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Chin up, sprinting

Crocodile is a ball of energy.  A friend of mine said he looks like he's just about to burst and he just can't stand it.  So while emotionally he seems to have weathered the trauma of separation from his family very well, he still wears me out because man, the energy.  He literally bounced like a pinball from wall to wall when the caseworker was here, and she just looked at me like "wow."

But oh, his spirit.  You can be tired, and there are moments of frustration.  But he flips around and hugs you or throws a ball higher above his head than you thought any toddler could, and says, "Whoa!!!" and you have to smile.  And while anytime I've had to say goodbye to him is sad, anytime he first sees my face when I pick him up from somewhere, he lights up, shouts my name, and runs for me.  And he does this for his mom, and his sisters, and all the people he considers family.  Every time it melts the whole room.

My favorite picture of him so far is at the beach.  Rhinoceros and two of his cousins were playing in the sand and the water and are facing the water in the picture.  Crocodile is facing away from the water, as he's running back toward me, chin up, sprinting, grinning from ear to ear.  The whole picture is overtaken by his joy.

I want to bottle it up and set up reserves for him.  I don't want it to ever fade, no matter what happens.

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