Monday, November 2, 2015

First Day November 2015 - Sunny Sunday after Halloween

You don't see a lot of foster care in these pictures, but it's still there.  On this Sunday, it was there as I thought of parents of my present and former foster kids in the words of the preacher at church.  It was there as I wondered if future plans my parents were making would include Crocodile.  It was there as I posted pictures of my Halloween kiddos but had to find ways to avoid showing his face.  It was there in the baby bibs, blankets, etc., that could be stored because we currently don't have a baby.  And in the box those things were stored in, which has a Pampers baby that once reminded Dinosaur of one of our foster babies.

Overall, it was a nice family day, with some candy, some outside time, and some reorganizing.

And a bonus photo from the night before:

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