Thursday, March 24, 2016

Lessons learned: Videos Part 2

Crocodile was talking about missing his mama.  Sometimes we draw pictures for her or we look at a picture of her, but I had a great idea this time.  Let's make a video to say hi to her!  Then I'll show it to her the next time I can!

Yeah, he misunderstood and thought we were going to WATCH a video of her.  And so the video is of him sitting there sadly realizing I don't have a video of her to show him.

This age.  They understand and then they don't.  We had some good hugs and moved on and I know better for next time.


  1. Oh goodness. Poor kiddo. That hurt my heart to just read!! I remember several occasions with events like that! Thinking of him.

  2. I know, poor guy. He's moved into a phase of expressing his feelings more so I feel like he understands things, but he's still so little. I'm hoping to get a video of his mom as soon as I can. We do have pictures at least.