Sunday, February 19, 2017


On Valentine's Day, Crocodile was at the heart of a transition to his new adoptive family.  He woke up in their home.  He went with his new mom to his sisters' school and got to be there for their parties.  He went shopping with her and picked out eight balloons: two for his biological sisters, three for his soon-to-be-sisters through adoption (two are adults), two for his foster brothers, and one for himself.  Within this week, he will officially be switching from living with two brothers to living with five sisters.

Balloons were played with, balloons were chased, balloons were broken.

He made valentines for everyone as well.  For our family, for some friends, and some extras to bring a little late to his preschool for his last few days there.

We try to help him understand the move, all of us together, current parents and new parents.  It's hard to know what names to use.  It's hard to know how to express love and confidence in the plan and at the same time be sensitive to his mixed feelings.  He didn't cheer, and he didn't cry. He ran around a bit.  I think I talked too much.  He answered some of our questions.  He called me Mommy a lot and kept coming back to me.  We talk about his new school, which he has already gotten to see.  We talk about his new house.  We talk about living with his sisters all the time, forever.  We talk about coming to visit on his birthday.

He gave me a valentine that said Mom.

We will always love you, Crocodile.

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