Wednesday, August 20, 2014

How I'm spending my break

Sometimes I feel pressure to do everything during fostering breaks.  We are going on vacation on Friday, so I just have tomorrow to finish my to-do list for this break.  I made freezer meals.  I think that's the only one I accomplished.  I tell myself we've been doing lots of fun stuff and soaking up this time as a family of four, and we really have.  So why do I feel such dread knowing that I never cleaned out those cabinets, never got outgrown clothes ready for a sale?  I need to let it go, and I'm having trouble doing that.

So, I'll continue listing things I'm thankful for during these few weeks.
  • Camping for a week starting Friday.  Even if it's not a perfect time, it's going to be so much easier without a baby.
  • Dates.  Partly by chance, we had two dates in a week, both very fun times with my very fun B.
  • Game time.  I've had time to play a card or board game with Dinosaur about every day, and he soaks it up.
  • Boat time.  We went to a friend's house on a lake, and got to enjoy having the four of us out on the boat together.
  • New sitter.  The woman from our church choir just babysat for a date night to get to know our biological kiddos, and she is beyond fantastic.  She set up an obstacle course and wore them out.  She's a genius.
  • Fewer appointments.  No waiting room time for weeks.  Ahhh.
  • Helping out another foster family with child care.
It's not all rosy.  My emotions have evened out about Caterpillar's goodbye, but I've still been feeling a little off, a little flat.  And I've put unhealthy pressure on myself to do many house things all at once.  I'm looking forward to getting out of the house for a week, sitting outside, reading lots of books, and not reading a darn thing on the internet.

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