Monday, August 4, 2014

Lesson Learned: Move Details

I carefully planned Caterpillar's move to his relative today by getting Rhinoceros down for an early nap.  I'd prepped them that we were going to Ms. Teri's* house to say goodbye to Caterpillar.  Then about 30 minutes before "move time" B asked when he was being picked up, and I thought, hm, picked up?  Is that a possibility instead of me bringing him there?

I called Ms. Teri and yep, that's what was happening.  I'd just assumed I was bringing him there as that's how Pterodactyl's move happened (sort of, we met at the agency parking lot after hours).  Beetle's move was meeting at a doctor's appointment.  But it was good I called, because she had some questions for me that she might not have called just to ask.  So, in the future, I'll ask how the move is planned to go, and then I can give my input (I would have preferred to bring him there).

And how did it go?  As numb and strange as usual.  I soothed Rhinoceros's disappointment (he's obsessed with going to Ms. Teri's house though he's never been inside it) with a trip for ice cream, just two kids in the minivan.  Goodbye, Caterpillar.

*not her real name

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