Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Big Girl / Little Baby

I know it's written into our training and has been discussed quite a bit, but it still amazes me how complex kids who have experienced trauma and loss can be in their development.  Little teenagers, infants, and kids all rolled into one body.

Today during "resting time" was a prime example.  Cricket had a clear, 8-year-old level conversation with me about how she missed her mom.  "Sometimes I have to leave the visits, and my mom stays there, and I feel sad."  She then was fiddling with a baby bottle for her doll and started sucking on it.  Her face lit up and she asked me to feed her.  Switch from 8-year-old to infant.  I cradled that 4T-sized body in my arms, and she curled up against me like a newborn: warm, cozy, eyes half-closed though she wasn't actually sleep and truly at peace.  Somehow at peace, among all the confusion she must feel, all the warring ages and stages within her from times her needs weren't met.

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