Monday, February 2, 2015

First Day February 2015 - How I Spend a Day Doing Hair

Really, it's not a complaint, it's just something that blows my mind.  Cricket has a cold bad enough to keep her home from church, so I just used the whole day to undo the last style (which was pretty quick this time), wash, braid, and bead.  Pretty much everything she's doing in these pictures* is happening while I am doing hair.  She did play outside during one break, which I forgot to get a picture of, and she had a long "resting time," when I went off to a fabulous new coffee shop nearby.  I kind of drove in a blizzard to go there, but I really needed to get out, and it was heavenly.  Just reading a book, sipping coffee that was still good even when it got cold, looking up to see the snow swirling outside.

I'm linking up with Journey to Josie to share pictures of our "first days."

*Did you know there's a Teletubbies episode with a mom braiding her daughter's hair?  Which we watched while braiding hair?  Here you go!

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