Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Our little respite guy, Tadpole is here!  He's teeny-tiny and still almost has some new-baby smell on that fuzzy little head.

Dinosaur adores him, of course, and asked about making a photo book like we did for the other kids.  He's only here for a week, but how can I say no?  Maybe I can just make a little one with a pictures from the week.  He asked the foster mom, "What's your favorite thing about Tadpole?"  Melts my heart.

Rhinoceros is a mixed bag.  He's either indifferent or positive toward Tadpole, but he's struggling with my attention being more divided.  He hasn't had an easy time the past month or so, very upset any time I don't answer his needs or questions immediately.  But we'll all get through it.

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