Saturday, July 11, 2015


Babies and young kids in foster care are often used to sleeping differently than foster care requires, or that foster parents may find typical.  We adjust with gentleness and love as we find something that works for the kids and our family.

Crocodile is used to going to sleep much later and sleeping in later than our other kids.  Which would be fine to go along with, if we could possibly keep him quiet in the evening while our early-to-bed kids sleep, but his volume levels are not exactly controllable at this stage in his life.  He is starting to get up earlier, but not going to bed earlier?  Tonight was a little closer to our goal time at least.

Then they both quickly showed us that they were definitely not the kind of toddlers that stay in a crib.  And a toddler bed is a great option, but they're not so hot on staying in that either.  I know Cricket shared a bed with family members, and I'm guessing many other foster kids do as well.  I've slept on the floor next to the toddler bed at times, but try to gently get them used to their rooms and their beds.  Cricket and Crocodile both prefer little nests to their beds.  Cricket loved lying down on the vent with a blanket around her, as she was with us through the winter and she could have the warm air blowing around her.  Seemed a bit uncomfortable, but that was her nest.  Crocodile made his little nest with cushions from the glider rocker, first in the corner of the room, now in the middle.

And true to his name, I think Crocodile has worn his Crocs every night he's been here.  I often take them off when putting him in pajamas, but he finds them and puts them back on.  Sure, I could put them further away, but sometimes it's the little things that you just watch them do, nod, and hope it gives them a little control and comfort.

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