Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Soundtrack to fostering toddlers

Cricket quickly latched onto our copy of Frozen when she moved in.  She already knew it before coming to our house and called both main characters "my Let It Go" rather than their names.  It was playing almost every time I worked on her hair because I would pretty much do anything to make her happy while I worked on her hair.  She and Rhinoceros turned chairs on their sides to pretend they were the bridges of Elsa's castle and belt the same half-accurate lines of Let It Go over and over.

When she moved, I had to say I had a few sighs of pure relief, and one was leaving Frozen to gather dust on a shelf for awhile.  Perfectly fine movie, but after listening to it 40 times while staring at hair, I was done.

Crocodile did not seem to like watching movies or shows.  In fact, he was really scared when he arrived, and we tried to get him to watch a show with us, and he was pretty reluctant.  He is Mr. Active, Mr. Go go go, so sitting and watching is not really his thing.  Occasionally he'll watch something with us and talk through the whole thing, like that annoying guy in my college dorm.  So, I thought I was pretty safe from Frozen.  2-year-old boy, not so interested in watching movies.  But then he spotted it and asked for it.   Of course, he has preschool-age biological sisters.  Of course he had caught the Frozen fever.  Now it's almost a daily request.  He doesn't sit through the whole thing, but he'll watch a part here and there (and talk through it about everything he sees).  But what he really wants is "watch Fwozen me" (watch Frozen with me).  He does this little hand gesture that means "come with me."  Oh, buddy, I just really... I mean... sigh.  So, I watch bits and pieces of it, again.  These little ones, they've lost so much.  At least I can give them something familiar that reminds them of happy times watching a happy movie with their families.

So, I will remember the special moments of watching them fall asleep, feeling them safe in my arms, crying over their sad stories... and I will always, always remember pretty much every word to Frozen.

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