Sunday, January 24, 2016

Little mini-dream come true

Rhinoceros recently had a birthday party, and Cricket and her sister came.

I had pictured something like this for so long.  I pictured it as soon as I knew that Cricket was moving and realized the bond that Cricket and Rhinoceros had, so over the last year I have planned it out in my mind and hoped it could happen.  But even before that, I pictured it with Pterodactyl, that maybe we would be invited for a 1st birthday party.  Or for Caterpillar, that maybe we would continue playdates and be invited for his birthday party.  These didn't happen, but I am so glad that this one did.  I was worried that someone would get sick or something and it would fall apart.

Rhinoceros's first words to her: "Cricket!  Remember that I missed you?"

And seeing Cricket and her sister still brings a twinge of sadness, as I missed her, too, but it also brings joy just to see her being Cricket.

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