Thursday, January 14, 2016

They're all toddlers.

It suddenly occurred to me that all our current and former foster kids (except the respite placement) are in the age range of 2 to 3-years-old right now.  It just happened that way, with short-term placements, infants first and then toddlers.

What if they were all in a toddler room playing together?  Caterpillar would likely be the most chill, just watching the action.  I'm pretty sure Cricket, Pterodactyl, and Crocodile would be having some serious drama over a toy.  Lots of shouting from at least Cricket and Crocodile, with some getting in each others' faces.  I don't have a good sense about Beetle, so maybe he can just chill with Caterpillar, look at some books, play with some cars.  If they all had a race, Crocodile would win, but Cricket would be close behind, or possibly win if she could somehow distract Crocodile.

Now I'm picturing the year 2029, and by some magic imagination miracle, they're in high school together.  Maybe it's a high school musical.  Caterpillar can sing the lead, but Crocodile would have the best dance moves and could choreograph.  Cricket would direct the show, possibly do costumes.  Beetle works on the script.

These are fun thoughts to distract myself in a month that I'm trying not to worry about Crocodile's case.

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