Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Awkward Moments in Foster Care: Unclear Pronunciation of 3-year-olds

Thanks to therapy, we have people in our home more often, which I think leads to more awkward moments.  This week's:

Crocodile: Daddy give me spankin.
Me: What did you say?
Crocodile: He give me spankin.
Me: I don't think... I don't think that's what he means...
Crocodile: He give me spankin.  *holds up play food piece of bacon*
Therapist and Me: He gives you BACON!

And yes, B did give Crocodile a small piece of his bacon this morning.  And now I'm doing my post-game analysis: did I clarify why I was horrified?  Because I wasn't horrified because we spank him but because after signing at least twelve forms that we swear we will not spank I know a looming investigation when I see one.  But I didn't SAY any of that...


  1. Oh scary! We fostered babies and toddlers while raising our own bio kids like you, and praise God we never had an investigation on us, but I understand your alarm. I think it is particularly brave to foster children while having your bios in the home as I have known families who have had their own kids removed (temporarily but oh, the horror) while a foster child situation was being investigated. We went on to adopt our son and once it was complete we let our license lapse because oh, the stress. We plan to return to fostering again in the next few years when our four kids are older and more self sufficient.

  2. It's looking like I don't need to be worried, but yes, it is scary being under the microscope.