Friday, June 13, 2014

Awkward Moments in Foster Care - "Are you talking to me?"

Now that this blog post type has occurred to me, I'm sure I've got lots more to share from the past year.  But here is today's awkward moment in foster care:
I was sitting in the waiting room before an appointment for Caterpillar.  His mom was planning to come but hadn't shown up yet.  The receptionist had to ask the doctor a question about an insurance issue and come back to talk to me, so when a woman came in, there was no one at the desk, so she sat down across from me, made some small talk as Caterpillar charmed her.  The receptionist comes back and starts to tell me about what we're going to do, but the problem is, she makes eye contact with me and tells me something, then looks directly at the other woman in the waiting room and continues our conversation.  The woman looks startled and says, "Are you talking to me?"  The receptionist thought that she was Caterpillar's mom (they are a similar body type and skin tone, but nope).  I didn't have to tell her she was wrong, but neither of us knew how to explain it to the woman without confidentiality issues.  So the receptionist just finished the conversation with me, and I got out of there hastily.

Only in foster care.

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