Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Interview with Dinosaur

Dinosaur turns 6 years old very soon, so I thought I'd do a birthday interview on being a foster brother.  Seriously, this kid loves babies, sometimes a little too much.

Me: What is your favorite thing about taking care of babies?
D: Holding them.
Me: What is the hardest part about taking care of babies?
D: Nothing.
Me: Is there anything that makes you sad?
D: Nothing.
Me: Tell me what you thought when Pterodactyl came to our house.
D: Happy happy happy!
Me: What about when Beetle came?
D: Happy happy happy happy!
Me: And what about Caterpillar?
D: Happy happy happy happy happy happy!
Me: What have you learned since we started being a foster family taking care of babies?
D: You talking to me about it.
Me: What did I say?
D: You said that you were taking care of babies with us.
Me: Tell me what you thought when we said goodbye to Pterodactyl and Beetle.
D: Happy sad-ish.
Me: What was the happy part?
D: By saying goodbye.
Me: What was the sad part?
D: I didn't see Pterodactyl again, but Beetle, he came here two times.
Me: What do you hope for the future in our family?
D: Well, taking care of Caterpillar.
Me: And what do you think about saying goodbye to him?
D: Well, he's so ready to go with his grandma.
Me: What do you want to teach Rhinoceros about taking care of babies?
D: Talk about the babies and talk which names they are.
Me: What do you want to do when you grow up?
D: Take care of babies and kids and have ten babies.
Me: What else do you want to say about being a foster family?
D: About the Caterpillar and he's so cute and they can ride away and ppppht.
Me: Do you like seeing me type your words and sounds?
D: Yes.
Me: Anything else you want to say today?
D: His butt.
Me: No, I'm not going to type that.
D: Well, his mouth.
Me: What about his mouth?
D: He smiles so much.  And that's it!
Me: Indeed.

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