Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Our fostering year 2014 in a timeline

I enjoyed doing this recap of the year last year, so here you go again.  So much can happen in one little fostering family in a year.

January 2014 - We started the year with no placements, taking a break after Pterodactyl left right before Christmas.

Early February - We get the call for Beetle, a two-week-old boy still in the NICU with NAS (drug withdrawal).  I visit him in the NICU for about a week, then he comes to our home.

Mid-February - The plan for Beetle changes from moving soon to his grandma where his sister is placed to his sister being removed from that placement.  We are asked to take both children, but decide not to.  The sister moves to a former foster family.

Early March - Beetle moves to the foster family to be with his sister.

Early April - Beetle comes for a week as a respite placement.

Late April - Caterpillar, a 4-month-old boy, arrives at our home.

May - Pterodactyl's baby twin siblings are born.  We were called during the pregnancy about taking them as a placement, but decided not to.

July - We learn that Caterpillar's mom's cousin should be placed with Caterpillar once daycare is in place.

Early August - Caterpillar moves to his mom's cousin.

Early September - Cricket, a 2.5-year-old girl, arrives at our home.

Mid-September - Cricket catches a nasty virus sending us to the ER, thankfully she recovers pretty quickly.

Late October - Adjudication for Cricket's case, first time that I attend court.  There is a chance Cricket could go home to her dad immediately, but it doesn't happen.

Mid-November - We get a call that Caterpillar needs to move from his relative's home, as does his sister from her foster placement.  We are heartbroken to answer that we can't take them.

Early December - Cricket's sister has been moved to a paternal relative (Cricket and her sister have different dads), and we learn that relative is working on getting licensed so she can take all three siblings.

Mid-December - We learn Cricket's mom is pregnant, and that Beetle now has a baby brother.

Christmas - We celebrate our first Christmas with a foster child in the home.

I can't believe how much we've experienced as parents in the last year.  Reading back through my posts was an emotional experience; it's all just so much.  It feels like it should be spread out over a decade.  January was our only month without any fostering at all.  So, 2015, what you got?  Will Cricket move to the sister's relative, and when?  Only God knows, and He's got the whole world in His hands.

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