Tuesday, December 2, 2014

First Day December 2014 - Advent and daily life around here

Thankfully I made an advent activity calendar back one year when I was feeling crafty.  I like riding the wave of past crafty energy, as that's lacking these days.  So, the December-y photos are the last month's "thank you tree" still sitting on the table, the advent calendar, and some Cyber Monday shopping at the end of the day.  I missed getting photos of it, but I worked out while the kids were in the child care there.  It is fabulous.  Later in the day we had some serious behavior episodes, and I was so much more chill than usual about it.  Some of my strategies for making Cricket's placement in our family work have been left behind, but some have stuck around, like finger puppet role play.  And yes, sadly the text is a common one I receive lately.  So very sad when Cricket is constantly drawing pictures for her mom, asking if we can check and see if she can see her mom today.  The dark of this world... in advent, we await the light of Christ and heaven.  


  1. Loved seeing the Canada mug! Do you think you'll cross the border for Christmas?
    Re: puppet role play- when I did a Connected Child workshop a few months ago (hopefully when I'm on Christmas break I can write that post), they were talking about using puppets and showed an excellent video of Dr. Purvis using them. They suggest using the puppets to act out the "bad way" first- ie. "Let's practice being mean when Mommy asks you to come for dinner" -act it out being mean- "You did a great job acting out being mean! Now let's do it with respect!" Thought it was an interesting way of doing it, thought I'd throw it out there for you (I wish the videos shown during the workshop were on YouTube!)

  2. We're staying home for Christmas this year, but we're working on going in January and bringing Cricket. The responses I'm getting are still not promising, so we'll see what happens! I read that too in Connected Child about the puppet role play, but the first time when I tried it with the negative role play first, they were so focused on doing it the wrong way and that being funny that they wouldn't listen to the right way. So I think it may depend on age, or there's some way I'm not doing it right.