Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Pretend play

Sometimes lately the pretend play has been awesome.  Cricket and Rhinoceros have invented their own little games that involve looking for "slurpy slurpy snakes" and a "dragon" (which I figured out was the shapes the light makes on the wall from our bedroom lamp).  They also go "trick-or-treating."

Sometimes it's reassuring that they're watching us.  Sometimes they pretend to pray before a meal.  Today at a play kitchen in our local children's museum, Cricket enjoyed being the parent and making sure I asked to be excused from the table.  She also bribed me with hot chocolate if I would "go play outside in the snow," which is totally what I do.  Busted.

Sometimes it's a source of conflict.  Rhinoceros was a dog for Halloween.  They have argued endlessly about who can pretend to be a dog.  Even if Rhinoceros is wearing the costume and Cricket makes barking sounds, he pitches a fit that he is a dog.  Don't try to tell them that they can both be dogs without costumes.  Sigh.  This week, each child has worn the costume the entire day in order to keep it from the other child.  I'm debating on getting another costume as a Christmas gift, but I'm pretty sure that as soon as the conflict is gone, they'll likely lose interest entirely and both costumes will sit unused.  Maybe they'll surprise me. 

Sometimes it's a source of sadness.  Cricket was taking care of her baby doll this morning and wrapping her up, carrying her around.  Suddenly she shouted, "The police!  The police are here!  We need to hide!"  She clutched her doll and ran around in a panic.  It was heartbreaking.  Poor innocent Rhinoceros chimed in and started cheerfully yelling about the police being here and that just made it worse.

The lives of these tiny people... I wish I could make it all go away.

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