Monday, January 12, 2015

Where's my new mom?

We've had three in-home therapy sessions so far with Cricket.  Most have been questions for me and me trying to maintain my train of thought while still managing the two or three kids in the house.  I hope it'll be helpful once it gets going and more interactive with Cricket.

Near the end of today's session, Cricket was running back and forth between the room with the therapist and the room playing a Dora video.  She got wrapped up in the Dora video and the therapist left.  I think both of us forgot that she would need a clear goodbye with her troubles with goodbyes.  She appeared a few minutes after the therapist left, looked around a bit, and said, "Where's my new mom?"

What is going on in her mind that a person she has met three times is her new mom?  What does "mom" mean to Cricket at this point?  She had asked the therapist at the first visit if she was a mom, as she'd asked the caseworker.  I'm "Mommy," but am I a mom to her?   Who is her sister's grandmother to her?  It breaks my heart to think of her nearly-3-year-old categorizing mind trying to make sense of it all.  Maybe I could make a custom picture book of people that take care of her or have taken care of her and what they do?

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