Friday, January 30, 2015

Words I wasn't sure I'd hear

I heard two things tonight I wouldn't say I never thought I'd hear.  But I certainly wasn't counting on them, and they were pretty impossible to imagine at times.

1. Cricket and Rhinoceros were momentarily happily playing with Duplo blocks next to each other.  Spontaneously, Cricket said, "I love you, Rhinoceros."

2. I had a chat with Dinosaur about Cricket moving soon.
Me: How do you feel about that?
D: In the middle.
Me: What's the good part?
D: Well, I have some good times when Cricket isn't here.
Me: What's the bad part?
D: I want her to be a part of our family all the time.

They seem contradictory, but it makes sense.  Yes, she drives him crazy (and vice versa) and he seems to still wish for a baby instead.  But he also has grown fond of her and feels like she's a part of our family.  Because she is.

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