Thursday, April 23, 2015


I haven't been able to bring myself to write because it would all be rantings of an impatient adult.  An impatient adult who has had a pretty good life.  Who should be able to put up with waiting and not knowing.

Gina's license still has not come through.  The caseworker is reluctant to move her back here even though really she should be here since we're the named placement and receiving payments.  Which we've been passing on to Gina.  I'm glad she's reluctant to move her because I do not want more upheaval in Cricket's life, but we know that she can't hold off forever.  At some point (and no one has told me when) she has to be in a fully licensed home).  She's been there for weeks.  It seemed like the move might have been this week.  Then nothing happened.  I don't want to ask too many questions because I don't want her to have to move here either.  I don't want to draw attention, yet I'm going insane because it's not wrapped up.  I just want it to be all wrapped up.

Which I rambled to my friend who is a child psychologist.  She said, "You chose foster care and you want things to be all wrapped up?"

Fair enough.

So maybe I'll muster the energy to distract myself and post about things that are totally unrelated, like organizing foster kid supplies.  Or maybe I'll avoid the blog like I avoid thinking about Cricket as much as I can, because it just invites a cycle of worry, prediction, and stress.

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