Saturday, April 25, 2015

Some good things

  • As dramatic as last night was, Cricket slept soundly through the night.
  • Cricket and Rhinoceros have jumped back into their pretend play that only they understand.  Rhinoceros keeps yelling about Cricket being on his team.
  • Gina recently had Cricket's hair braided, so I've got almost zero hair work to do.
  • A sibling visit happened to be scheduled for this weekend, so we've already gotten together at the library with sister, Gina, baby brother, brother's foster parents.  Baby brother's only word is "hi" and he melts your heart when he says it to you.
  • We watched an Annie montage by Cricket's request and she ran/danced around the library while singing "I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here."  (Thankfully the kids' area is on a separate floor and there's no shushing.)
  • What was supposed to be a gloomy day cleared up and we got outside, which is good, because tough times for Cricket equal tons of energy she needs to get out.
  • I think we tired her out, because I haven't heard a peep since B put her to bed.

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