Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Foster podcasts

I'm just about to finish listening to a podcast that has been incredibly helpful and thoughtful for my foster care journey.  I love podcasts because I can listen to them without distracting a baby or child with lights from a screen.  I put several on my mp3 player and listen to them when holding a baby to sleep, or cuddling Rhinoceros to sleep when we're out of town (he does not sleep well away from home), or for listening while running or knitting.  I wish there were more podcasts related to foster care, but here are the ones I have found.  I have only listened to the first one so far.  Please add more if you find them!

  • Foster Parenting Podcast.  I started listening to this podcast when were getting licensed almost a year ago, and because I listen pretty inconsistently, I am just now finishing it.  It's no longer active, though they do have a current a Facebook page.  I have laughed and cried along with Tim and Wendy and friends.  I felt like this podcast kept a great balance of a realistic view of the struggles in foster care and yet a passionate commitment to it in spite of the challenges.  Are you a Christian and in need a good smack in the face to be reminded how God calls us to care for these children?  I recommend this episode.  But honestly, you should listen to this start to finish.  Some listeners even got training hours for listening (I didn't try because I'm way over my hours for the year anyway).
  • National CASA Podcast  - This is more for CASA volunteers, but looking at the topics, I bet I could learn a lot from it.
  • The Journey
  • Voices of Foster Care
  • The Foster Parent Podcast - This one is new and going strong.  I just found it today and am excited to follow a current podcast!

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