Sunday, March 9, 2014

8th Day - Family of four

I completely forgot about 8th day yesterday.  Since trying to do this later in the month hasn't helped my memory, I'll probably switch to 1st day next month.  We did go to the children's museum, though, so I have a few fun photos from that.  I go here often with Rhinoceros, but going as a whole family was a special on-a-fostering-break treat.

My processing of Beetle's goodbye seems to be following the same phases as Pterodactyl's goodbye: Phase 1 - Sadness, Phase 2 - Tranquility.  Going from three kids to two does feel like a breath of fresh air, even though I know I'll gladly do it again.  But I really appreciate sleep.  And spending time with my husband without baby and/or children on us.  The last time Phase 3 was a bit of longing and loneliness, so we'll see how that goes.  I'm going to try to keep a little busier this time, while still savoring the break.

Now B and I are hashing out what to do after this break, mostly regarding Pterodactyl's future little siblings.  We're thinking long and hard about life with twin newborns.  We might have more doubts, especially considering the strict safe sleep rules that make it nearly impossible to care for two babies and still follow said rules.  If we decide to go ahead planning on that placement, we need to decide if we stay off the call list to make sure we have enough time off, or if we just stay on and see what happens.  Only God knows what the future holds!

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