Wednesday, April 9, 2014

8th Day - Respite with Beetle

Whew, what a week.  Beetle is really, really intense.  Dinosaur is home for Spring Break when he's used to being at school all day.  I'm subbing for two classes this week.  We even got a placement call when I didn't think we were even on the list (we said no).  It was hard to say no, but I figured if we were barely hanging on with Beetle this week, we needed to wait until he left to add someone new.  That and if I told my sitter for tomorrow that she was now caring for four kids under 5 plus her own, she might have stopped returning my calls.

So here's the 8th day of April in this crazy week, starting with morning methadone for the baby.

 Morning tummy time with Beetle is a favorite activity.


My kids' reality: I am the best mom ever for putting their snack on Luigi plates. My reality: there were no clean plates and these leftovers from a birthday party were the first thing I saw when looking for paper plates.

 No foster care appointments today, so we did all the other errands.

Necessary tool for survival.

 Sometimes I have a lovely devotional time with my 1 pm coffee, as all kids are resting/sleeping.  Sometimes that lasts two minutes before it's obliterated by screaming and poopy pants.

This seems like the most boring educational "game" website ever, but the kids eat it up.

Finally our park is not covered in snow!!!  Dinosaur and Rhinoceros already ran ahead to the merry-go-round.

95% of my parenting success this day was in snack form.  We did a reading of Fat Frogs on a Skinny Log while acting it out with pretzel rods, peanut butter, and green jellybeans.

I'm still in work clothes, just home from work.

Gathering materials for tomorrow's lesson on reading nutritional labels (I work in adult education).

And sleep.  Until my 2 am-onward shift with Beetle.

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