Saturday, April 19, 2014

We need another baby

"We need another baby."

Dinosaur said this after a conversation about what twins are, as he always thinks that his cousins who are also 5 years old are his twins.  I responded, "Well, we might get a call soon and then we will take care of another baby or little boy or girl."  While that response was fine, I think I missed an opportunity to turn the comment on its head and say, "Another baby needs us.  We don't know when, but when there is a baby or child who needs a family to take care of him or her, we'll be ready."

Maybe it's because in waiting for another placement, I slip into seeing things as Dinosaur does.  When is OUR next placement?  Who is next for OUR family?  I mentally picture upcoming events with different imaginary children of different ages and how they would fit into OUR plans.

This Easter I've reflected a lot how God's plan for us is not how we would write the story, and the Messiah He sent is not the Messiah people had planned on.  Yet He is the Messiah we need, far beyond our understanding.

So, I pray that God will use us for His plans, far beyond our understanding.

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