Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Lesson Learned: Pacifiers

I thought of a new series: little mistakes in our foster care life that I vow not to repeat.

Lesson #1: When your foster child arrives with a pacifier, take a picture of it.  Otherwise, you will intend to buy extras, but not bring it along and buy the wrong ones, which will be soundly rejected.  You intend to take it along and go shopping, but don't get around to it.  Pacifier goes missing.  Baby hates all replacements.  Trying to search online for "pacifier with a straight nipple and maybe some ocean-related design" will not be successful.  I'm just praying when we meet the birth mom she has more.

The More You Know!


  1. was it an avent? They make pacifiers with straight nipples...

  2. Thanks, Karen! I don't think those are the exact ones, but they led me to find some Avent ones that I think might be. I hope to have time to run out tonight.