Tuesday, May 13, 2014

8th Day - At home with Caterpillar

Sorry for the delay; I finally have a phone that takes pictures and it took me awhile to figure out how to get the pictures to a PC.  Also, full disclosure, this was on the 9th day of this month.  I was excited that my collage of pictures for this month would depict the crazy busy-ness of foster care life, plus it was my last day of work for this school year.  Lots to take pictures of!  Except when things are crazy busy, I forget it's a day that I'm supposed to take pictures.  And it's probably for the best, because the crazy busy became extra crazy that day* resulting in a good hard cry at the end of the day.  So, on May 9th, we hung around home most of the day in recovery.  Dinosaur had the day off school, and I convinced him our brief visit to the WIC office was a fun non-school-day outing because they have those bead toys and a fish tank.  Here's our day:

*Our extra crazy, for those that are curious: 1) The remote to the minivan was malfunctioning so that it opened and shut the sliding door constantly except when the engine was running.  To make things worse, I didn't realize it was the remote and this resulted in every errand being very stressful and snapping at my kids "No, not through that door!!  It'll close on you!!!"  Plus, it ruined my plans of what to do during the visit and instead I drove Rhinoceros to a park so I could watch the sliding door open and close for 30 minutes.  2) I was foolish enough to sign up for Teacher Appreciation Week and had an extra trip to school as a result.  With the sliding door opening and closing as I walked away.  3) B was late getting home so I was late to work (he's almost never late, love you dear).  4) It was a bad day in potty training; need I say more.  5) Overall the first full-fledged week of foster care appointments crept up on me like rising water in an enclosed room.  I'm better now.

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