Monday, May 26, 2014

Crazy at home, a little bit of peace away

Last week I had a WEEK, and I wasn't sure how to post about it without telling more than I'm comfortable about Caterpillar's health.  It had to do with a medication running out before I expected, his mom changing doctors without me being aware of it, and pharmacists questioning the medication he was being prescribed.  Big ole mess, and I literally spent my week on it.  There's not much I dislike more than phone calls that are needed to accomplish something, and there were a lot of them.

It's mostly resolved, but still an ongoing issue.  Medical issues are complicated in foster care, and I know that mine aren't even close to how bad it can be.

I was so ready to get out of town with my family.  We went to visit my parents, and my sister's family came over.  We had travel permission and brought Caterpillar, who was cuddled and loved by all.  He even slept all night there both nights, which is the first baby in my history of motherhood that has ever done that.  Kids still keep us busy, but it was a good break from the speed life had gotten to around here.  Dinosaur and Rhinoceros ran around with their cousins, the weather was great, and we ate lots of good food.  And it was very good to see my mom, especially. After losing her mother in January, it's been a tough year for her.

I'm thankful there were no issues with travel permission.  I called Caterpillar's mom when we got there and when we arrived back.  In spite of my general dislike of the phone, I like these check-ins.  It never feels right to go several days without talking to the mother or father of the child in my care.  Sometimes that's because of their own choice or actions, but sometimes foster parents can initiate regular contact during the gaps.  Even if there's not much to report, it seems right to me.

We'll see what the next week brings.  I still need to follow-up with the medical issues.  Caterpillar's aunt and uncle were in the agency office during one of the visits last week, presumably meeting with the caseworker to look into being relative providers.  Maybe they will pan out, maybe not.  Meanwhile, Caterpillar is drooling up a storm, starting to grab at toys a little more, and being a sweet sweet baby.

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