Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Disappointment and waiting

Caterpillar's mom is in jail.  I'm heartbroken and just so disappointed.  I know she had a long road ahead, but I really hoped she wouldn't mistakes like this along the way.  It feels strange not getting her texts via Google Voice, not hearing her stream of consciousness when I bring him to visits.  I knew I would lose our connection when Caterpillar moved, but I didn't expect it quite yet.

The relative who will be placed with Caterpillar is cleared, but she still needs to get daycare in place.  Sound familiar?  I'm putting some pressure on the caseworker to keep some sort of timeline and intentionality in this transition, after the drawn-out haphazard transition Pterodactyl had.  So far, he's has two visits at her home and done well, though he is a little clingier with me this week.  I had professional photos done of him (a bit challenging with a baby that's not a newborn but can't quite sit up independently yet), and he was constantly looking for where I was.  He's giving increasingly hesitant looks when someone other than me holds him.

He's been here less than three months, but I have a feeling this goodbye is going to rip my heart out nonetheless.  He is so easy to love.  I love this little guy, and I love him loving me.

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