Saturday, July 5, 2014

First Day July 2014 - A little hospital, a little summer

I did take these on July 1st, but had issues with the photos and just got around to making it work.

It wasn't anything major on the hospital front, just some tests for Caterpillar.

Dinosaur and Rhinoceros hung out at my friend's house with her kids and made the creation below.  I always, always regret going to medical appointments with more than one child.  When they were every couple months, okay.  Not when they average once per week.  I need to give my helpful friends gifts to let them know how much I appreciate when I can drop off the older one or two.  Maybe wine.

Somehow, I don't think my chore chart is going to make the rounds on Pinterest.

Rhinoceros eats this for lunch 95% of the time: toast and jam, cheese and ham, applesauce.  The cheese is usually the first to go.

I enjoyed coffee and this view from our balcony as the kids rested simultaneously for a short time.

Dinosaur is a big reader this past year.

 We always use the deep fryer in the garage to limit the fast food smell in the house.

I zipped over to the salon for a much-needed haircut.

And zipped back in time to give Caterpillar his bath.

 I love the summer late evening sky.

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