Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Awkward moments in foster care: Waiting room surprise

I'm realizing that at least 90% of my awkward moments posts will probably take place in waiting rooms, like the last awkward moment I posted.  Maybe this is actually part three, as one of my post about Pterodactyl's first doctor's appointment was one big awkward moment.  I thought of renaming the series, but I'll just add an extra label "waiting rooms."  I'm confident I'll be using that label again, as so much goes down in waiting rooms in foster care.

I brought Caterpillar in to a specialist appointment.  His mom was already there, and we got right into talking about the paperwork and general chit-chat, as she is always very chatty with me.  This continued for maybe ten minutes before we were called back.  She stood up with Caterpillar, I stood up, and... some guy who had been sitting on the other side of the waiting room stood up, too.

Caterpillar's mom: "Oh, this is Stephen.*"

She later clarified (though I didn't really need her to) that this was Caterpillar's father.  He had left the state before Caterpillar was removed.  I don't think anyone involved in the case had met him.  What did I say?  "I'm glad you could come"?  Did I not say anything because we headed back to the exam room?  I was in too much shock for me to remember now.  He definitely didn't know what to say either, though eventually he did say a "nice to meet you."

Crazy times, crazy times.

*not his real name

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  1. Haha... oh man. I can only imagine. I've had a few waiting room moments myself- they have definitely been chart-topping awkward as well.