Thursday, October 16, 2014

Awkward moments in foster care: Sibling visits

I sent B with Cricket for her sibling visit yesterday.  Part of me wanted to go out of curiosity of how it would go and to have more time to talk to another foster mom, but by the time he got home, I was ready to just stay home and have some time with the boys.  The weather was lousy, so unfortunately they had to go with Plan B of dinner at a restaurant instead of a picnic at a park.

Cricket and her sister both had to go to the bathroom, so the other foster mom that was there took them to the ladies' room while B hung out with Cricket's baby brother.  While they were gone, the server came to the table for something and started commenting on baby brother.

Server: What's his name?
B: Um... I don't know.
Server: How old is he?
B: 7 months?  Sorry, we're foster parents and this is a visit for the siblings to see each other.
Server: (not quite understanding) Oh, that's so great they can still live together!
B: ...

For the record, B has been told baby brother's name several times, as I'd looked up his namesake (a minor celebrity) and showed B.  But at the time, all B could remember was that he had a crazy name.  So here he was, sitting in a restaurant at a table by himself with this baby, not knowing his name or age.  Only in foster care?

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