Thursday, October 9, 2014

Not crossing the border

I'm starting to think that we will never succeed in taking a foster child to visit B's family in Canada, even though it should be possible.

This time around it was "not enough time to get it through all the channels required."  We briefly looked into the foster families that have Cricket's siblings doing respite for the weekend, but that didn't pan out, and respite with an unknown family would be an absolute disaster for her at this point.

So, our plan is for B to go with Dinosaur and Rhinoceros for the family gathering that had been planned before we knew she couldn't come.  I will stay here with Cricket.  In some ways, it's a very good thing.  I don't know if we're ready to travel with her and try to get her to sleep in an unfamiliar place, especially after this week.  I think she will benefit from the one-on-one attention, and Dinosaur and Rhinoceros will benefit from the break from her behaviors.  And I will even get to go to a church event that I was going to have to miss.

On the other hand, I pray that nap time and night time goes better this weekend.  And if not, we might be going for more drives for coffee.

Happy almost Canadian Thanksgiving, Canadian reader(s)!

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