Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Weekly notes

Life is still exhausting around here, but I feel like we're in a calmer stretch.  I filled in the caseworker on Cricket's behaviors, and she put in a referral to a program that will get an infant/child mental health evaluation for Cricket, leading to services as needed.  Right when I documented one of the tough days, she hasn't had a day quite as tough since.  There are still major issues, but the times when Cricket is just lost in a ball of fear and anger are not quite as frequent or prolonged.

In the meantime, I wondered how I should do notes to the birth parents now that both birth parents were involved and having separate visits.  I didn't want to write two sets of notes by hand or do two notebooks, so instead I decided to type up weekly notes and include a picture from that week.  (I admit I got this idea from a Facebook comment and now can't find the source.  So if this was your idea, please tell me and I will credit you.)  I really like the picture for two reasons: it forces me to make sure I'm taking a at least a good picture every week (sometimes I go crazy with pictures then suddenly realize I haven't taken one for a couple weeks) and then I feel good about printing pictures a little less frequently, since they see one regularly.

I took the notes sections from a handout from my agency:
  • This week, our family...
  • This week, your daughter...
  • Next week, we are looking forward to...
  • Other things we would like to know are...
  • Your notes and questions
I have yet to receive notes or questions in this case, but oh well.  I've kept more informal notebooks in the past, but I like the structure to this one for keeping me accountable for sharing these types of things, whether I get responses or not.

I just hope this week there's a visit that I can give the notes.  Lots of cancellations lately.  There is also court on Friday, and the Cricket's future could use your prayers.

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  1. I really like that idea. What a great way to keep them a part of her everyday life.