Friday, May 1, 2015

Awkward Moments in Foster Care: Visit house

When we brought Cricket for her visit today (yep, she's still here), the visit house was a madhouse.  It was nice outside so one mother and daughter were playing outside, and the mom had brought outside toys for her daughter.  We're supposed to cut through the back yard to go into the house, so my kids all ran at the outside toys to play, not realizing they weren't brought for them.  Some bubble fluid might have been dumped and I felt awful. My kids also have a tough time understanding that the visit house has a lobby they should stay in while they wait, and they tend to roam like they're at a friend's house to play, and I lose track of someone with everyone coming and going.

So, amidst that chaos, a girl says, "Hi, Dinosaur."  He says hi back.  I realize she's a classmate of his, there for a family visit.  I tried to focus on my little kids so I wouldn't make eye contact or even look like I was trying to glance at the parent(s) she was visiting with.  I've been trying really hard to connect with other families at Dinosaur's school, but this was so not what I was hoping for.  No awkward conversations ensued, but still awkward vibes in the air.

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