Monday, February 3, 2014

Multiplying before our eyes

There's one bit of news about Pterodactyl and her mom I didn't blog about yet.  Before she moved, we learned her mom was pregnant.  What seems like impossibly soon to be pregnant.

So, we knew when that baby was born, or shortly before, the agency would probably want to match us up.  We decided we wouldn't stay empty just to wait on that placement, but if it all fell into place, that would probably be a good thing.  We know the family, and while I wouldn't say we had a positive relationship with her mom, it wasn't clearly negative either, which is better than her relationship with some others at the agency.  The grandma who has the siblings knows us and actually said she wanted this baby with us.

So, we're ready, waiting on the next placement, come what may.

Then I got an e-mail from our licensing worker that there are BABIES due in June, Pterodactyl's siblings.  Twins.  Would we consider taking them, if they came into care?

Sooo... we were only planning on taking one child at a time.  Maybe reconsidering in the future, but we weren't there yet.  And oh man, twins.  I have friends and family with twins.  It's insane, especially as newborns.  And have I mentioned that B is not a newborn person?  I'm like 50% a newborn person.  I can do it, but I'm a much more cheery person when they get to 6 months or so.  But poor B is in near misery.  And TWINS.  And he kind of just wanted 2 or 3 kids originally.

So, we asked some questions about whether the agency is hoping we would stay without other placements to wait on the twins.  We're trying to figure out what the need is.  Figure out what this "if they come into care" is about, because it really seems unlikely they wouldn't.  Lordy, if Pterodactyl's mom was in a good place to try out parenting, it doesn't seem like twins would be the best bet.  And B, bless his heart, says of course we would take them.  He had his head in his hands and swore a bit first, though.

B: "This is how it starts!  Then you turn around and you have 10 kids!"
Me: "They are literally multiplying before our eyes."

Oh, foster care.  It's true we wouldn't write these stories this way.  I did feel led to pray for Pterodactyl's mom Sunday night with our small group.  This must have been why.


  1. Wow! Will be praying for you. We've had a couple of similar situations- when Baby 1 was coming back into care, we had just found out that her mom was pregnant- so we knew we were fighting for 2 kids, not one. And then we learned that the dr thought she was having twins, and oh man- it was a lot like you described.
    Then last summer at Baby 2's 1st Birthday party, we learned that Baby 2's aunt was pregnant- her third, with the other 2 being cared for by the same kin placement that was caring for Baby 2. So we knew that baby was coming into care when it was born, and in December when we were empty, we said we would take the baby if we were still open when it came into care (not expecting to be open still when the baby was due in February). Well...turns out that Baby came earlier than expected, we were still empty, and the baby we've been praying for since last May is now in our home and the one I just introduced as "Baby 5".
    Will be praying for you and B! I know it's so early, but are they saying if they think Grandma would take the twins too, or is it likely to go to adoption?

  2. Karen, I'm glad that everything lined up for your family and Baby 5! We'll see if that happens with us and the twins. Grandma had told the social worker she can't take more kids. As far as adoption, no idea! Pterodactyl's older brothers are adopted by grandma, and Pterodactyl's case still has a goal of reunification last I knew.