Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Easter dress

I didn't even realize until hours later it was the first little girl Easter dress I'd ever purchased.  I didn't find any outfits for the boys that I was thrilled with, so I have an Easter dress for Cricket though it's very unlikely we'll see her on Easter.  1) She is supposed to have moved by then and 2) if not, we may use respite because we are going on a very long road trip for Easter and the following week.  Unless we cancel the trip because respite would not be in her best interest, especially as if there are licensing problems with sister's grandma, she can't go there, her next most familiar place... sigh.  I hope it doesn't come to decisions like that.

I'm antsy, anxious, impatient.  I've adjusted somewhat to her leaving and wonder why it's taking so long for the state to approve sister's grandma's license.  I just want to end the "what ifs" and see her name listed under the licensed homes.  Because I've figured out how to look that up, and so I check way too often.

In this in-between, her visits there are followed by turmoil here.  It always feels a little like the first day she arrived: hyper and playful, then suddenly possessive, aggressive, and unable to shake off the big feelings her heart must feel.

On the bright side, visits with her mom have been much more consistent.  On the bright side, I'm going to dress her up in this dress no matter when she moves or what happens on Easter.

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  1. Beautiful dress! Are you saying you have access to a database of foster homes? Baby 6's next court date is a few days before Easter. For some reason there's something about the holidays...any type of holiday. Maybe it's the planning ahead? Maybe it's the thought of pictures and who will be in them? Baby 6's 1st birthday will be in May, and I wish I knew what the chances of us having her then are (I've started a Pinterest board in case ;) )