Thursday, November 6, 2014

Some good things

I feel like my blog is a downer.  I won't stop being real about how difficult the last two months have been, but I need to throw in some happy stuff from today.

- B as the go-to person for when Cricket's bedtime and if she wakes up at night has worked so, so much better than me trying to be involved at all.  Last night she woke up twice, but he told her to lie down, and she did, no drama.  Everyone back to sleep.

- Cricket spontaneously offered stickers to Dinosaur.  Then they started asking each other for hugs and did a good job of telling each other when they needed space.

- The kids got dressed this morning in a reasonable amount of time, and Cricket didn't act out to get attention when I was helping Rhinoceros get dressed.  This is huge.

- Cricket and Rhinoceros sometimes do the most adorable pretend play, like praying before a meal.  For some reason after they say "amen," they start running around in circles, but I'll take it.

- We've been practicing "with permission and supervision" from The Connected Child to ask before using grown-up things.  Cricket asked for a butter knife to cut her grapes, and I realized, sure, she could try that with permission and supervision.  She did a great job AND it kept her at the table for lunch longer so I could eat.  And of course Rhinoceros wanted the positive attention and asked for a knife, too.  Something I never pictured with a two-year-old, but it totally works!

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