Friday, November 21, 2014

Lesson Learned: Hair Breaks and Hair Blogs

Three weeks ago, I spent more than I've ever spent at a salon for myself and paid to have someone do cornrows on Cricket's hair.  It turned out adorable and Cricket's mom loved it, but the main reason was that I just needed a break to regroup.  With inconsistent visits, her mom is no longer styling her hair, and I had been burned out on sometimes planning on her doing it, then having to throw something together, then it not looking so great.  The break I got from having someone else do a 3-week style totally worked, as now I have new energy and am even looking forward to tomorrow's hair session.  I'm going to do the same veil style with two puffs in the back that I did before, but this time with braids instead of twists.  Then the next week I'm looking forward to trying something new.

Part of looking forward to new styles comes with finding the right way to do hair research.  I've found great sites like Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care.  I bought her book (which I found even more helpful for a beginner than the site) as well as It's All Good Hair and have learned a lot.  But I think the hardest part is that the advice and style ideas are so diverse that very few fit Cricket's hair, which is not that long yet.

I just found a complete breath of fresh air, exactly what I needed to get going again.  A blog by a beginner with a child of the same age and similar hair length and type.  I can read about what she tried and be reassured that it's trial and error.  I can see what works and feel more confident that it will work for her hair length.  The blog is no longer updated, but Shades of Violet circa 2011 is a parallel styling journey with me and Cricket.  So excited to try some of these styles that I feel I can actually handle and be fairly successful with.  I can do this!  And as in one of my previous lessons learned, if I find I can't, I'll ask for help.  Please chime in with any hair journey blogs that have been helpful for you!

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