Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Okay, I think taking a break finally kicked in and I feel at ease.  This is funny, because as of today we're on the list for calls.  I really think having a respite placement to look forward to is helping me.  Whether or not we get a call before then, we know a baby is coming for a week.  I also know we'll be a little more particular on who we say yes to, knowing we have a baby with some needs coming for a week, and somehow this has me more relaxed, just knowing that it's more than likely we may say no anyway.

We had a nice out-of-state trip, with an overnight away from the boys and then some time with my parents.  Lots of outside time, which I think has been a factor in relaxing me as well.  I do love a good hike and a little exploring.  I'm slowly gathering gear so that I can go on Mommy-needs-to-disappear-into-the-woods little backpacking trips.

I also felt like my mind was suddenly freed up to think about some of my passions other than foster care.  I love being passionate about foster care, but it is a really good thing to talk about other things and learn and dream.

So much one-on-one time with Rhinoceros is still driving me a bit nutty, but we had a pretty good day today.  And in less than two weeks, school will be out and Dinosaur will be home, which will be a good thing.

Life is not perfect, but I'm looking back at what we've come through, looking at now and feeling grateful, and looking ahead and feeling a strange peace.  Now if I could bottle this and find contentment all the other times.

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