Monday, February 10, 2014

8th Day - Day before Beetle's arrival

 The title is a little misleading, because Beetle HAS arrived, after a long day of meeting what seemed like half of the hospital staff.  He's cuddled in B's arms as we watch the Olympics.  My head is spinning with the number of appointments and arrangements that are going on.

But instead of blogging about that, I'm going to try to join in something I've seen at Journey to Josie, which is taking the same day every month and photojournaling it a bit.  She does it with the first day of every month, but I usually don't realize it's a new month until it's at least the 5th.  So, I tried documenting Feb. 5th and started to forget.  So, the 8th it is!  Every month I'll try to give you glimpses of our lives.  My photography skills are not great and I try to not to show any faces of our family, so it might be a little strange, but I like the challenge.

 Most days around here involve a dance party.

Before or after church, we almost always have a hot breakfast on Sunday.  This 8th day: french toast, ham, pears.


I did some last-minute projects that I knew wouldn't get done with a newborn around, like recovering this glider.


Off to the NICU to visit Beetle

I came home to some serious Olympic viewing.

And later I added some knitting.


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  1. I love that fabric on the glider! I hope everyone's getting settled in to your new "normal" and that Beetle's withdrawal isn't too bad.