Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Babies, babies, babies

Those were my first words to B when we talked on the phone about... a new placement.

B and I had just finished discussing that we would say a conditional yes to to the twins, that if they were born when we happened to be available for placement, or if it meant staying empty for a month or less, then we would take them.  Then the phone rang about another baby.

He's not here yet.  He's a baby boy still in the NICU, possible discharge this weekend.  We just took a drug-exposed infant training, and good thing.  Or not a coincidence at all... as I think the agency saw this placement coming and tried to get a few more of us ready to say yes!

Some new factors compared to our last placement will be NAS (Neo-natal Abstinence Syndrome) and a father that has visits to schedule as well.  Some familiar factors will be picking up a newborn (he's a bit premature, so he'll seem like a newborn) from the hospital and a relative who hopes to be placed with the baby once some barriers are out of the way.  The latter didn't go as expected last time, so we'll see what happens.

I'm very tempted to get this Mamaroo swing that I hear is excellent for infants in withdrawal, but I always have trouble plunking down money for anything but the most basic baby equipment.  There's one on Craigslist for a little cheaper.  Hrmmm.

I'm going to try to get like 9 hours of sleep every night until his discharge.  I am looking forward to the Olympics lining up with having a newborn.  Hours of stuff to watch when in a daze.


  1. When I read "Babies, Babies, Babies" I thought..."Wow...triplets?! They really are multiplying!" So...you're not taking the twins then?
    From our NAS experience (wasn't too severe by the time of discharge) and from some other foster momma's experiences, I'd recommend stocking up on pacifiers (you probably learned at your very well-timed training that increased need for sucking is common with NAS), swaddle blankets, and that swing!
    I hope that it's a smooth transition, it's nice you have a few days to organize some meals, etc. And good point about the Olympics...it'll be the middle of the day's events when you're up for night feedings!

  2. Haha, I didn't think of it looking like triplets. Though B did say, "Maybe ask if they got a REALLY good look at that ultrasound and that there aren't additional babies hiding in there." So, we're not staying empty for the twins, but if we're available when they're born in June, we'll take them. This placement plans to be short-term (though we know how that often turns out), so it might line up nicely. Thank you for the advice! I have a few swaddlers but sent most of them with Pterodactyl, so I'll need to restock!