Monday, February 24, 2014

Baby feet, baby tummy

No, that is definitely not my photography.  A friend did a newborn session for Beetle for me at a discount.  They're gorgeous pictures, and make me regret not doing this for Pterodactyl or even my bio boys.  I was always too overwhelmed with the newborn stage to schedule anything like this, and balked at the cost, but at least I've learned my lesson.  Beetle's mom is really excited to see them.  I'm feeling especially happy about them.  With a newborns in foster care, everyone tends to pity them, and it seems like their identities are a bit lost among their stories (or presumed stories).  I feel like the photos really captured this funny little guy and gave me a chance to celebrate who he is now, even if we don't really get to know him as anyone but a newborn.

Beetle's sister moved to a foster family she lived with before.  I'd been told that they weren't going to work out as a placement, but one way or another they changed their minds, and they'll be taking Beetle soon as well.  No word on the timeline yet, so we may just have a few days, or a few weeks.  I can understand either way: do they move him now before he gets older and more attached to us, or do they wait so that he has some consistency in care during withdrawal?  I'm sure it's up to the foster family as well; I haven't met them yet.  I have no idea if they were planning on this many kids, and I feel a bit sheepish that we said no to taking his sister, even though I think it was the right decision.  We almost had Beetle's sister with us for this weekend for respite because things were still a bit up in the air Friday yet they didn't want her to stay with Grandma longer, but it worked out for her to go to the foster family right away.  It was an afternoon rush of phone class and plans to move beds all around our house that ended with some relief that she wasn't coming after all.  Now I'm extra relieved, because Beetle went from fussy to fussy squared.

Thank you to those that commented on reflux.  I brought it up at his doctor's appointment last week, but didn't have many incidents of arching to report and we thought we'd just keep an eye on it.  Well, he has been quite fussy the past few days, doing more arching, , more screaming at night, more inconsistent feedings.  Sometimes I'm still not sure it's reflux because he sometimes just seems gassy, but it's something digestive.  His birth mom was also concerned about it and wants him on the formula his sister was on.  We'll be back at the doctor on Thursday, so hopefully we'll be able to ease the discomfort some then.  B mentioned he read the comments, so now I know he's reading the blog.  Guest post!  Guest post!

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