Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Foster brother love

This week is craaaazy with little sleep and lots of appointments.  Plus I'm teaching 3 nights this week, whereas when Pterodactyl arrived, I was off work.  It's not going to get easier, as we have 6 hours of training to complete this month, too.  Couldn't that have been offered in January, guys?  But we're doing okay, and I'm remembering that it's not about us, and not about getting recognition/pity that we're inconvenienced by this or that.

Now, on to a little story about each of my bio sons reacting to Beetle.

Rhinoceros likes to identify lately.  "This is a coffee."  "This is a sun."  Heaven help you if he's wrong, and you wish to correct him.  So, he saw Beetle tucked into my Moby wrap and identified, "This is a baby.  This is Beetle."  Later that evening, I was helping him with his pants and he patted my chest and looked down my shirt.  I reminded him that this area is private, and he finally said, "This is a baby?"  I figured out he thought I was somehow hiding Beetle down my shirt or inside my body.

Dinosaur loves babies, apparently not just Pterodactyl.  He talks about how cute Beetle is and that he loves him.  I had a few minutes before work and told him I had time to read him a book.  He asked, "Can we read the book about Pterodactyl?  I want to show it to Beetle."  It was comforting to me to know that he's processing that the two babies have something in common: they come here, they're cute, and they leave, but we can still remember them.  Maybe he hasn't connected all of that yet, but it seems he's working on it.

Dinosaur has also made a Mii on our Wii for both Beetle and Pterodactyl, joining about 50 others, as creating Miis is his favorite hobby right now.

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