Thursday, February 27, 2014

For all those so worried about my bio kids and fostering

This morning, Dinosaur and I were having a fun chat about what grown-ups do, and I asked him the usual "what do you want to do when you grow up" question.  Most recently, his answer had been fix cars (one grandpa's career) and fix computers (dad's career).

But today he said, "I want to help people.  And take care of a baby."

My eyes filled with tears.  This is my son that has never tended toward helping or caring for others.  He didn't say this after I gave birth to his younger brother.  He said this after he saw that we take care of babies, and that this helps people.

I know they get less attention because we're busy with fostering.  I know they feel the goodbyes with more confusion and hurt than they express.  Beetle is scheduled to move one week from today (but you know how foster care goes), and I ache when Dinosaur declares how much he loves Beetle, and Rhinoceros asks "Where's Beetle?"  But oh, what they learn.  I need to remember to pray over these little guys, that their hearts grow, and they grow up to do much more to love others than I ever did.

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