Tuesday, September 9, 2014

An hour in Cricket's room

Cricket has only fallen asleep in her room by herself once so far, as the rest of the times we've found it better to rock her to sleep or sit by her bedside.  So, I rocked her for three songs, then sat by her bedside, then sat by the door for over an hour and just let her know I was still there.  I told her I'd come back in a few minutes a few times, and I did, but she was distracted by peeking out the door to check if I was nearby, so I've decided it's best to stay in the room with her most of the time.  It's a mostly pleasant time when I can be patient enough to appreciate it.

In that time she:
  • neatly laid out a quilt on the floor several times (not the donated quilt given to her at the shelter, but a baby quit my friend made for me years ago that she prefers), sometimes lying down on it, sometimes wrapping it around herself like a cape.
  • attempted to fiddle with the buttons on an unplugged swing
  • flipped through several books
  • put on a headband
  • stacked shapes on a stacker toy
  • lay on her stomach on the glider (this is when I rocked her a bit more and she finally fell asleep)
  • and the tearjerker: sang "Tomorrow" from Annie to herself.  It was the first time I'd heard her do that, and so I sang it to her a few times.
Sweet girl, she's a trooper.

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