Monday, September 8, 2014

Lesson Learned: Hair Care

If you think you might not be great at hair care for ethnic backgrounds different from your own, and you have trouble learning things without being physically shown, do not assume you can learn it all from the internet.  Do not assume that asking advice will be enough.  Ask someone to come help you.  Before the birth mom sees her daughter and tells you as her first words to you, "You don't know what to do with her hair, do you."

I thought I tried, or at least that it wasn't THAT bad.  I should have known to ask for more help.  I'm not even good at white girl hair.  My hair has been short for over a decade, and I have two sons.  I went home and sent a message to an adoptive mom that I think can help or at least point me to someone.  If that falls through, I know someone else who offered to help in the past, but I have to find her number again.

Between that and having to practically pry Cricket from her mom's arms to leave, with her wailing all the way out of the office, I am feeling low, small, and crushed in spirit.

Thank God I went to church on Sunday and was preached the truth about insecurities and having a spirit of fear.  I'm speaking those truths to myself over and over.  And just calling His name, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.

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